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Weekly Macro Themes - 21 October 2016

Here's a brief overview of the topics and charts covered in this week's Weekly Macro Themes.

1. China GDP Charts: A look at some of the underlying trends in China's GDP, with some charts you probably haven't seen before and some thoughts on the outlook.

2. China Equity Strategy: A view of earnings revisions momentum, valuations, and the risks and tailwinds for Chinese equities (looking specifically at the MSCI China Index).

3. Outlook for the US Dollar Index (DXY): A look at what's next for the US dollar after the breakout - we look at long term and short term interest rate differentials, valuation and positioning, and technicals to come to a view on the path for the all important US dollar.

4. Deflation Trends Turning: Some really interesting charts that show a possible turn in the global trend towards deflation and implications of this trend change.

5. Global Equity Valuation Breadth: A unique perspective that applies breadth analysis to the valuations and forward earnings statistics for 47 countries with some key implications for timing and strategy for global equity positioning (looking at the MSCI ACWI).

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