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Weekly Macro Themes - 4 November 2016

Here's an overview of the topics and charts covered in this week's Weekly Macro Themes.

1. US Election - Final Thoughts: An update on the polling cycle analysis that predicted the turn in Trump's polling, and some charts and views on how markets are trading in reaction, and how they are likely to trade around the election date.

2. Global Synchronized Upturn: Charts and insights on the October round of PMIs and a key insight into how the trend and global growth regime has really changed in the last few months.

3. Global Monetary Policy Map: A view into global monetary policy settings with a chart showing regional and global aggregated policy rates, and breadth of rate cuts vs rate hikes, with some important implications for the global growth outlook.

4. Japanese Equities - Breakout or Fakeout? A look at ETF fund flows, earnings revisions momentum, valuations, the BoJ's QE 'stealth taper' and the outlook for the USDJPY, and what all that means for the viability of the attempted breakout underway in Japanese stocks.

5. Economic Policy Uncertainty: The global trend in the economic policy uncertainty indexes, the split between emerging markets and developed economies, and how it ties in with market strategy.

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