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Weekly Macro Themes - 27 January 2017

Here's an overview of the topics and charts covered in the latest Weekly Macro Themes.

1. Global Macro Update: A check in on some of the key charts such as global manufacturing flash PMI, the implications for bond yields, and the global monetary policy tracker with some important implications for the global economic outlook.

2. Global Property Prices: We look at a global index of property prices which shows the strongest reading since prior to the global financial crisis, also looked at is some of the implications for stocks and bonds of the global trends in property prices.

3. The Real Deal on European Real Yields: Inflation has turned the corner in Europe and inflation expectations have followed, so where are real yields at and where to next for nominal bond yields in Europe?

4. South Korean Equities: The technical charts on Korean equities look interesting, but so does the geopolitics - we look at some key risk indicators given the risks around North Korea and the valuation and economic indicators picture for South Korean equities (MSCI South Korea Index).

5. Antipodean Inflation: A look at inflation and central banking in Australia and New Zealand following the CPI numbers this week and some key considerations on the AUDNZD exchange rate with some charts that show a turning point could be soon approaching.

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