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Weekly Macro Themes - 17 Feb 2017

Here's a brief preview of the topics and charts covered in the latest Weekly Macro Themes.

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1. China monetary policy shift: Charts that show how and why China has shifted its monetary policy trajectory and what the risks and opportunities around this will be.

2. An emerging breakout: As noted in the Tuesday Macro Technicals emerging market equities are breaking out, so here's a macro fundamental view with some important graphs to consider.

3. The great moderation in emerging market risk pricing: Something interesting has happened to emerging market credit spreads, but importantly our proprietary risk indicator is showing an interesting interaction with the cyclical indicators - you might not guess the conclusion!

4. US economic sentiment - hype and division: Cool chart showing surging sentiment on the economy as well as some very challenging and thought provoking discussion on crowd psychology, Trumpism, NeverTrump, and the perils of bias in distorting effective analysis.

5. Alternative views of cross asset volatility: We look at an alternative measure of volatility and compare it across 4 key asset classes, the conclusion may shock you! Aside from the trends in volatility there's also some very important signal information for detecting inflection points.

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