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Weekly Macro Themes - New PDF report launch [Free Download]

To mark the 20th edition of the year and the launch of the new PDF format for the Weekly Macro Themes report we are making this edition available for free. To download a copy click here.

We've had a lot of good feedback on the Weekly Macro Themes report since its initial launch back in October last year from both paying clients and those evaluating the service. This includes multi-asset fund managers, insurance companies, pension funds, investment consultants, wealth advisers and family offices. While the feedback on the content and the ideas has been great, we've received and solicited feedback on the design and the result is this new PDF format of the report. The new PDF format of the report makes it easier to read, more accessible, and ensures consistency in the way charts are displayed. In addition, using a 'power point' style makes it read like a chart book, which can be handy when discussing the report internally or with clients.

About the Weekly Macro Themes

The Weekly Macro Themes report delivers investment ideas, global macro insights, flags important portfolio risks, and gives you charts to use. The Weekly Macro Themes report forms part of the Topdown Charts institutional service, which is aimed at portfolio managers, strategists, and advisers. The service also includes a monthly chart book, chart update requests, use of the charts, and preferential treatment for bespoke services. Get in touch for a free trial or info on how to subscribe today.

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