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What is ChartCritic?

ChartCritic is a new series we're launching, and will be a great complement to the ChartBrief series. The basic format of ChartCritic is to take a chart that someone else has done and assess the chart and their conclusions - and of course, add our own chart to the mix.

Sometimes it will be a case of addressing "chart crimes" e.g. we'll show you what it looks like if you extend the history, or adjust the scales. Other times it will be about how awesome and insightful the chart is, but we'll still look to add our own chart to bring in another angle.

While we will be on the hunt for the best and worst charts to critique, we would love to get any tips from you. So if you'd like to nominate a chart to be critiqued - maybe even your own chart! - just get in touch via the contact page.

Whether it's calling out chart criminals or praising the chart masters, the ChartCritic series should be interesting! Be sure to favorite the website and follow us on social media to never miss an update.

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