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VIDEO: Active Asset Allocation in 2018

In this video we talk through a set of slides presenting a top-down perspective on Active Asset Allocation in 2018. In the first part of the presentation the topic is "Macro Strategy" and the key areas of focus are the outlook for global growth and inflation, the impact on monetary policy, and the key issues for emerging markets. The second part of the presentation looks at how this ties into the investment outlook and the key "Risks and Opportunities". We talk through the implications of the themes from the macro strategy section on the major asset classes e.g. bonds, commodities, stocks, property, and cash. The 3 key themes are: a maturing business cycle and return of inflation, a global turning of the monetary policy tides, and increasing overvaluation across and within asset classes. This will surely be a must-see set of slides for active asset allocators and portfolio managers.

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