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Charts of 2020: Honorable Mentions

Last week I shared some of my favorite charts of 2020, so this week I wanted to highlight what I refer to as the honorable mentions of 2020. Charts that didn't quite make it into the favorites or the top 10 to watch this year, but were worthy of note.

Enjoy, feel free to share, and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments...

1. Global Equities - Cyclicals vs Defensives: As the recovery in markets progressed, the fact that global cyclicals vs defensives managed to hold their uptrend line was a big deal.

chart of global equity cyclicals vs defensives

2. China Freight Rates and Copper Prices: Due to a surge in backlogs, disruption to global logistics, and a rebound in demand, China shipping rates surged (and that surge was echoed in the copper price); basically, a mix of green shoots and pandemic disruption.

chart of China freight index vs copper

3. REIT Super Sectors (Pandemic Impact): REITs were a mixed bag through the pandemic, and this chart helped document the damage.

chart of US REIT super sectors

4. US IPO Volumes: Curiously enough, 2020 saw a resurgence of interest in IPOs, with the SPAC phenomenon driving IPO volumes to levels last seen during the dot com bubble: … ”have cash, will invest”.

chart of US IPO activity

5. NZ Equity Valuations: One from my own country, this chart shows the rise and rise of NZ equity valuations – I’ve remarked how this is just one of several similarities this market shares with the USA.

chart of New Zealand equity valuations

6. Housing Market Valuations: Very honorable mention to housing market valuations, which have been summarily launched to new all-time highs as record low yields and the global wave of liquidity boosted purchasing power (the axiom: rates go down, house prices go up). This will increasingly become a political issue.

chart of property market valuations (housing market

This is an excerpt from my 2020 End of Year Special report - click through to check out the report (and while you're at it sign up for a trial of my research service!).

Best regards and best of luck,

Callum Thomas

Head of Research and founder of Topdown Charts

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