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Chart driven macro insights for investors

Topdown Charts is a chart-driven macro research house focused on global asset allocation.

Our Clients are the investment decision makers at institutional fund managers, entrusted in overseeing trillions of dollars in assets for their end clients. 

The Service is thoughtfully designed by a former fund management insider to help make investment decisions easier -- and to position our clients as experts in the eyes of their end customers and stakeholders.  We do this by giving them charts to use and keeping them informed on the key macro-market issues (along with emerging themes that may be lurking off the radar).

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Institutional Investment Research Service...

We deliver the following to a select group of fund managers and investment professionals:

-Investment ideas (big picture asset allocation calls and specific ideas that are often missed)

-Risk management input (identify key risks both near and pressing, and on the far horizon)

-Meaningful macro insights (gain perspective, pragmatic guidance: no sensationalism)

-Asset allocation research (cutting edge studies to help advance the field)

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