Topdown Charts: institutional research service

Core Institutional Service - We take a top-down, global multi-asset perspective to deliver:

  • Actionable investment ideas

  • Risk management input

  • Meaningful macro insights

  • Charts to use in your own work

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"Clear, Concise, and Insightful"

The format is chart-driven, attacks issues from the perspective of an active multi-asset investor, and equips portfolio managers with insights to make better decisions and speak with authority.

This service is aimed at portfolio managers, asset allocators, and investment consultants.  The service is highly suitable to those who are time-poor and who already get too much research as they find they can cut some of the noise and tune in to our concise, buy-side oriented, punchy reports.  Our pragmatic multi-factor approach (valuations, cycle, sentiment/technicals), and commitment to innovation gives clients a competitive edge.  We also provide help with questions and ad hoc requests: proving our worth in functioning like an outsourced investment strategist - like having an extra pair of hands on the team.


The core reports included in the service are:

- 'The Weekly Macro Themes' (5 bespoke topics each week spanning ideas and brand new research),

 - 'Global Cross Asset Market Monitor' (standardized charts and key market observations - cross asset market intel to stay on top of global markets/assets), and

 - 'Market Cycle Guidebook' (monthly report which includes a summary of views, cheat sheet on the major asset classes, most important charts, CMA, and GTAA/DAA positioning guide). 

 - 'Quarterly Strategy Pack' (core views on the global macro outlook, positioning views on the major asset classes, and a collection of interesting ideas and expected returns). 

Not sure about something?  If you have specific questions then get in touch via the Contact Form, or if you are not sure about whether the service is right for you then you can try the entry-level service first.