Topdown Charts: chart driven macro insights for investors

Topdown Charts is a chart-driven independent research provider covering global asset allocation and economics. ​


Topdown Charts covers multiple economies, markets, and asset classes with a distinctive chart-driven focus to bring valuable insights to investors, portfolio managers, and investment professionals. The perspective is that of an investor, and the multi-asset scope lends itself to both asset allocators and asset class specific portfolio managers.

Our clients include fund managers, family offices, financial advisers, specialist investment firms, and other large asset owners.

The institutional offering includes the Weekly Macro Themes, Global Markets Monitor, and Monthly Chartbook reports along with asset allocation consulting and bespoke research services. If you would like to learn more about our services please get in contact. To take up a free trial of the regular research reports just click the subscribe button above and fill in the form and we will get it set up for you.

Topdown Charts is based in Southland, New Zealand, and is a New Zealand incorporated company.  To request more information about us or due diligence documents please click the contact link.


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Callum Thomas

Head of Research

Callum is the founder and managing shareholder of Topdown Charts. His career background is in multi-asset investment management in New Zealand and Australia, with a focus on investment strategy and economics.  


Callum has a passion for global economics and asset allocation strategy and has developed strong research and analytical expertise across economies and asset classes.  Callum's approach is to deploy a blend of factors to build out a holistic picture and raise conviction. This includes valuations, monetary conditions, cyclical indicators, sentiment, and technicals.  Callum believes innovation is vital to maintaining an edge through investment research and is on a constant mission to uncover and develop new datasets, indicators, and new ways of looking at the world to drive sensible and profitable decision making by portfolio managers.