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Weekly Macro Themes Report

2022 End of Year Special Edition [Free Download]


As a holiday treat, we are making the 2022 End of Year Special Edition available to our followers for free - simply click the  >> download link <<

“The End of Year Special Edition takes a different format to the usual weekly slide deck, and presents you with highlights, reflections, and some of the best charts of 2022. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!”  -- Callum Thomas, Head of Research and Founder of Topdown Charts

This report presents a review of some of the most important charts of 2022, before going through some of the ones to watch for 2023.

Specifically, the contents:
A. Charts That Worked
B. Charts That Didn't Work
C. My Favorite Charts
D. Charts to Watch in 2023
E. Honorable Mentions
F.  People's Choice Charts

Please enjoy this selection of charts which I have meticulously selected from reviewing all of the Weekly Macro Themes reports over the year 2022.  As an exercise in reflection it’s been personally rewarding and insightful, and I trust you will likewise get a lot out of this special edition.... 

Click Here to Download the Report

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