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"a fresh and intuitive perspective on global markets"

According to Subscribers, the Top 5 Charts report...

>>  Is Useful and Informative

>>  Provides Valuable Market Intelligence

>>  Frequently Accurate, High Conviction views

>>  Stands Out in a Crowded Space

>>  Helps Avoid Blind-Spots

>>  Clear and Visual

>>  Saves Time

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How does it work?

The Charts

Innovative and insightful charts covering a range of macro/market risks and opportunities

The Story

Because it's not just about the chart, we dig into why the chart matters and what you need to think about

The "So-What?"

To save time and create maximum impact we distill the insight down into a 1-line key point

Testimonials from current Subscribers

"Callum provides a fresh and intuitive perspective on global markets.  His work is chart based and very insightful.  He provides a thoughtful outlook for the short, medium and long-term time horizons using a variety of data sets.  He is also very responsive to questions."

-- V. Paul (Private Investor)

“I have used Callum’s service, Top Down Charts, for some time now and I have found his in depth views and commentary invaluable. His hand picked charts typically tell great Macro stories and have been extremely useful for investment views and presentations both internally and with clients. I have also been surprised at how frequently accurate his takes on where we sit in the cycle have been, and generally with arguably unwavering conviction. The phrase, ‘Strong conviction, loosely held’ comes to mind. Ultimately I would highly recommend for anyone in the investment world trying to look through the noise”. 

-- Tom Roberts (Stockbroker, Morgans Financial)

“Over the years I have subscribed to a number of different investment periodicals and newsletters, some more informative than others. Having being a regular recipient of Top Down Charts for just over two years I can say without doubt that provides a different ‘top down’ perspective to most.  It is not a ‘stocks ‘tips’ newsletter but it does provide useful and informative insights about general investment and economic themes that serious investors should be aware of. It also delivers this information in a clear and visual format, i.e. charts." 

-- Tony Slimmings (Private Investor)

“Top Down charts continues to provide a valuable source of market intelligence. In a market that is over-supplied with investment advice, Topdown Charts provides a different lens on a difficult subject” -- Stuart Kay (Partner/Advisor, Escala Partners)

"The weekly charts I receive provide a useful platform for me to be aware of what may be occurring in markets and economies. They enable me to formulate a view of the financial world, and help me to minimise any blind-spot thinking.”

-- Kheng-Lai Tan (Individual investor)

"Thomas is doing great job in his Top Down Charts. It saves me plenty of time because I get aggregated charts about macro themes and I can focus on asset allocation in my clients’ portfolios." -- Jędrzej Janiak (Mutual Funds Analyst, F-Trust S.A)




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Callum Thomas


Head of Research

Who is behind the report?

Callum founded Topdown Charts in 2016 with a mission to be the best global source of chart-driven top-down macro insights for multi-asset investors.  His mantra is "clear, concise, and insightful" and this shows through in his work.

Based in a small town in his home country of New Zealand, Callum previously worked as an Investment Strategist at one of Australasia's largest asset managers.  His buy side perspective means he always focuses on the "so-what?"

Media Mentions: Callum's work has been referenced by...


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am very Busy, how much Time will it take up?


The minimum amount of time it takes on average to read all the "key points" and grasp the main insights is about 30 seconds.

To fully read and assimilate the entire report (including the nuance behind each of the charts, and the broader views) takes about 3-5 minutes... but possibly longer if it triggers ideas and makes you stop and think (which it often will!).

It's designed to be punchy, clear, and concise (to save time and reduce noise).

2. I already subscribe to other resources, what's different about this?


Unlike many other providers, we think less is more.  That means only 1 report a week and only the 5 best ideas (rather than just going through the motions with more frequent updates).  It also means less words, more charts: which ultimately means more focus on the signal vs the noise. 

Being global in focus we often pick up on things that others with a more narrow focus miss.  We also incorporate a variety of angles and are not shackled by dogma (e.g. just as comfortable talking about valuations, as technicals, monetary conditions, or sentiment... pragmatism is our North Star).

The other thing to consider is how this report fits in with and complements the various other services out there. Ultimately, the Top 5 Charts brings a clear, crisp, and easy to digest flow of ideas, so it's a low-risk, low-cost way of avoiding blind-spots and helping make sure you don't miss out on opportunities that are often shrouded by bias, sensationalism, and the immediacy of the prevailing news flow.

So whether this is a replacement or complement to your existing subscriptions, the cost and commitment is very low relative to the upside and extra peace of mind.

3. I don't have a big Budget, how much is it?


The annual subscription rate is US$95/year (which works out to less than $2 a week).

Basically it's at a price point where price/budget should not be an issue for the type of people who will get the most value from this service.

4. Who or What type of investor is this most suited for?


This service is more for sophisticated investors, it's not really for beginners - while some explanations and definitions are provided, a basic level of knowledge and understanding is assumed. 

The service is also more suited for relatively active investors with a wide mandate (global multi-asset) and while the time-frame coverage of topics does range from short-term to very long-term, it's not really for day-traders.

Basically our clients are looking for independent top-down macro insights, and a flow of ideas and risk management input across global equities, fixed income, commodities, currencies, and liquid alternatives.

5. What if I don't like it? 


If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of insight and consistency of delivery we will offer a full refund. We Guarantee the quality of our work and take pride in partnering with our clients.  This is a long-term business, focused on long-term success.




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Chart driven macro insights for investors

INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORS: the "Top 5 Charts of the Week" report draws from our institutional research service, which is aimed at asset allocators, portfolio managers, and funds management professionals.  Our clients include some of the world's largest institutional investors.  By way of contrast, the institutional service goes into much greater depth, explores multiple angles, and covers a greater diversity of asset classes.  Importantly it also includes more personalized service and typically also site visits.  To be clear, this is the core part of our business, and first priority.

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