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Thank you for choosing Topdown Charts as your research partner.

This page provides an outline of our research process and philosophy.

The key point is we take a view that active asset allocation is worthwhile given the tendency for markets and economies to undergo cycles (short, medium, and long term cycles).  Further, that by taking an unconstrained approach to research and using multiple datapoints, indicators, and methodologies that we can identify with confidence key risks and opportunities across asset classes and hence provide a meaningful edge to our clients.

research process chart.PNG

The key aims of our research process is to drive idea generation to help boost returns, deliver key risk management input to help with capital preservation, and importantly to build the portfolio manager's knowledge and perspective on the lay of the land across global markets and economies - to help with the overall portfolio management process and to help with their communications to key stakeholders and end investors.

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Being multi-asset in scope, the "investment universe" covers the key asset classes (global equities, global bonds, cash and currencies), as well as the extended set e.g. finessing the views within global equities, alternative asset classes such as REITs, infrastructure, commodities, and emergent assets, as well as the various sub-asset classes within the fixed income bucket.  Coming from a buyside background we understand the key challenges of funds management and thus feel it important to look at the world in the same way that a multi asset portfolio manager does.

investment universe chart.PNG

Finally, it's worth reiterating our key beliefs which form our research philosophy and inform the way in which we implement our research process.


Our Key Beliefs:

  1. With good research and a sound process active asset allocation can add value

  2. Relying on one indicator/variable is risky (technicals vs fundamentals vs macro)

  3. Different indicators take on different importance through the cycle

  4. Risk management is just as important (maybe more) as swinging for the fences

  5. Charts/Data/Indicators can help drive intelligent investment decisions

  6. Better to make decisions on what we can observe vs forecast

  7. Making money is more important than “being right”

  8. Investing is a competitive endeavor: innovation is vital 

Please also see the YouTube presentation for prospective clients of Topdown Charts

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