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Topdown Charts - Tools & Resources

Here's a list of interesting charts to watch to help understand the evolving risks and opportunities across some of the major markets and economies.  But for more in-depth insights and regular updates check out our Research Services.

The Futures Positioning Reflatometer (Macro sentiment)

Combines futures positioning trends across commodities, fixed income, currencies, and equities to provide an overall insight into market positioning and macro sentiment.

The Euphoriameter (Equity sentiment)

Combines the signal from surveyed sentiment, risk pricing, and valuations to present an aggregate and slower moving sentiment signal for the stockmarket cycle.

Capital Market Assumptions: Expected Returns

An extract from our full set of expected returns across asset classes, this chart shows expected returns for the major components of global equities, and US fixed income.

Monthly Asset Class Return Snapshot

Snapshot across the various asset classes of monthly and annual return performance.

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