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Weekly Macro Themes

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the Topdown Charts Institutional flagship product, the Weekly Macro Themes. This is a unique and powerful resource for portfolio managers, asset allocators, and those involved in investment strategy.

In a world of too much information, the Weekly Macro Themes provides a punchy yet encompassing read. It can easily act as a standalone research resource, but it will also act as a valuable complement to the usual suite of broker and independent research.

The weekly publication is a one-stop guide to global macro driven multi asset investing, it contains material on timely issues such as investment ideas, major market movements, data releases, central bank decisions, and events. It also presents more timeless ideas such as expected returns, asset class relationships, longer running macro themes and other slower moving market issues.

"We simply aim to make the portfolio manager's life easier by bringing them actionable ideas, alerting them to risks around existing positioning, and adding to their overall macro view" said Topdown Charts Head of Research, Callum Thomas.

"Aside from helping portfolio managers make money, another key aim is to help them look good in front of their clients, whether that's arming them with insights to impress or letting them use our charts." said Thomas - referring to what is usually an ongoing challenge in the investment business.

Thomas reiterated "the Weekly Macro Themes will give you investment ideas, present you with numerous useful charts that you can use in your work, provoke thought and debate, and get you across the key issues as well as some more obscure topics and indicators."

People interested in subscribing to the Weekly Macro Themes or who wish to receive a free trial should click to the Topdown Charts Institutional website and fill in the online request form.

Recipients of the Weekly Macro Themes include major regional fund managers, sovereign wealth funds, private bankers, family offices, hedge funds, consultants and wealth managers.

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