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Weekly Macro Themes - 28 October 2016

Here's an overview of the topics and charts covered in this week's Weekly Macro Themes.

1. Global PMI charts: The important trend change in the global flash PMI and what it means for bond markets.

2. An eye on spreads: An update on US HY and IG credit spreads, with a look at trends in bank CDS pricing, and the infamous TED spread.

3. Outlook for the ASX200: A review of key medium term strategic inputs on the outlook for the Australian share market, including earnings, valuations, yields, and cylicals vs defensives.

4. A bubble bursting in New Zealand? A review of valuations, liquidity conditions, earnings, and growth stock trends for the NZX market; a stark conclusion is issued on the outlook.

5. The Chinese property boom: Key charts showing the trend in property prices; the risks; the beneficiaries, and the red flags to watch out for in this globally important market.

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