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Weekly Macro Themes - 11 November 2016

Here's an overview of the topics and charts covered in the latest Weekly Macro Themes.

1. OECD Leading Indicators: Charts showing the breadth of the global leading economic indicators across countries, and a key transition in the trend of emerging vs developed economy indicators.

2. China Inflation Outlook: A set of charts that show inflationary pressures on the rise in China, some thoughts on why, the outlook, and the investment implications.

3. A top down view on Commodities: A look at commodities as an asset class and a look at three indicators that can help with timing decisions around commodity allocations.

4. The Base Metals Breakout: Base metals are breaking out, we look at why including the supply side, and some surprising charts on the demand side, with some thoughts around timing.

5. Russian Equities: Some analysis and charts on whether you should rush in to Russian equities given the US election outcome, looking at valuations, earnings, economic growth, volatility, and currency valuation.

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