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Weekly Macro Themes - 25 November 2016

Here's an overview of the topics and charts covered in the latest Weekly Macro Themes.

1. Flash PMIs - still looking flash: An update to the flash PMI charts with an important conclusion about the outlook for the global economy and the validity of the global bond bear market.

2. Global property price trends: A unique insight into the global trends in property prices, why it matters for global macro investors, and a key trend you need to be across.

3. Stockmarket seasonality: Insight into the historic seasonal patterns of the stockmarket, why to expect better returns in December, and what to expect for the VIX, investor sentiment, and economic surprise indexes.

4. DXY do as DXY does: Updating the view and outlook for the US dollar index following the latest breakout, with a focus on valuations, sentiment/positioning, relative bond yields, and relative cash rates - a must see update to get a handle on US dollar strategy.

5. Weird indicator of the week - global equity market breadth: Using a proprietary database we apply stock market breadth techniques to global equities using the main equity benchmarks of 70 countries/markets, you'll never guess the important conclusion we reach. Also added are some bonus charts which track the number of countries currently in a bear market, the result may surprise you.

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