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Weekly Macro Themes - 24 Feb 2017

Here's a brief preview of the topics and charts covered in the latest Weekly Macro Themes.

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1. Global macro flash: some thoughts on the latest flash PMIs as well as some insights from my global hard data economic indicators and the key impact on the investment outlook.

2. China property pulse: Chinese property prices had been going ballistic, but what do my leading indicators say the direction will be for China's property market over the next 3-12 months?

3. Brazil hits the undo button! Brazil was caught between a rock and a hard place, but now things are different as the charts clearly show - there's big implications for Brazilian equities so make sure you get a copy of the report!

4. Eurodoom to Euroboom: It's all "Europe first" as the Eurozone manufacturing PMI is now ahead of that of the US as the Eurozone economy is overcoming political risk to booming conditions with increasingly booming inflation and property prices to match - you must check these game changing charts out...

5. How do you hedge against an unpredictable yet known risk of unknown impact? We offer some key quantitative indicators and charts to help you navigate the North Korea risks - which, by the way, most people are ignoring or underestimating, so become a client and get the macro-driven multi-asset insights that matter.

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