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Tuesday Macro Technicals - 28 Feb 2017

Starting from this week the Tuesday Macro Technicals report goes pro! This is great news for followers of the blog series as it means ever higher quality of insights and the exclusivity that a paid subscription brings. We would love to have you on board as a supporter and subscriber.

As a one-off the first edition will be made available as a free download (click here).

Here's a summary of the key insights and views in this edition of the report:

1. US Treasuries: Neutral, but expect a short-term retest of the lows in bond yields.

2. Financials: Bullish MT, but short-term risks are elevated given distance from trend.

3. Euro Stoxx: Broadening top pattern means heightened near-term downside risk.

4. Gold: Running up against overhead resistance, wait for a break (or otherwise).

5. Commodities: Bullish strategic bias; signs of a new bull market.

About the Weekly Macro Technicals report

The Weekly Macro Technicals report is a great way to get on top of some of the best technical setups across global markets and asset classes. Aside from the best set-ups you'll also find the most relevant markets from a global macro perspective. In addition to identifying important risks and opportunities it's a great way to stay on top of the key trends in global markets.

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