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Tuesday Macro Technicals - 14 Mar 2017

The Tuesday Macro Technicals report has gone pro! This is great news for followers of the blog series as it means ongoing consistently high quality, professional insights and the exclusivity that a paid subscription brings. We would love to have you on board as a supporter and subscriber so we can bring you as many as 250 ideas a year to help you make more money and avoid major market risks.

Here's a summary of the key insights and views in this edition of the report:

1. Crude Oil: Downside break, but high chance of a bounce – on watch.

2. Commodities: Short-term bearish warning signs lighting up.

3. US Treasuries: Upside breakout with key levels in sight.

4. US REITs: Downside break, facing a couple of key tests.

5. TOPIX: In the process of an upside breakout.

About the Weekly Macro Technicals report

The Weekly Macro Technicals report is a great way to get on top of some of the best technical setups across global markets and asset classes. Aside from the best set-ups you'll also find the most relevant markets from a global macro perspective. In addition to identifying important risks and opportunities it's a great way to stay on top of the key trends in global markets.

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