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Weekly Macro Themes - 24 Mar 2017

Here's a brief preview of the topics and charts covered in the latest Weekly Macro Themes report.

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1. US Dollar - just resting? The charts show an increasingly crowded trade and overvaluation, but there are some mitigating factors.

2. Bonds - short-term vs medium-term: The charts show bond suggest short-term downside for bond yields but you need to see these charts on the longer term economic fundamentals and what they say about where-to-next for bonds...

3. Global Equities - Correction time? Short-term downside risks are elevated for global equities, but with signs of earnings growth acceleration it may end up being a classic "buy the dip" scenario.

4. The thing about gold: Short-term dynamics are mixed-to-positive for the gold price, but further out it faces headwinds from mean reversion in real yields, Fed tightening, and a stronger US dollar.

5. The one chart to watch: The one chart to watch to track the global economic and risk backdrop maps the course of property prices and surprisingly enough it shows prices are appreciating across the world's major economies - this is important for a few key reasons...

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