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Macro Technicals Report - Changing seasons and impending breakouts…

The Macro Technicals Report brings you 5 ideas each week from a top-down, cross-asset, global perspective. The report highlights some of the most compelling and relevant trade ideas, turning points, key trends, and risks across global markets.

Here's a summary of the insights and views in the latest edition of the report:

1. Crude Oil: Bullish bias on seasonality and sentiment reset.

2. Treasuries: Continue to expect short-term downside in yields.

3. S&P500: Bullish short-term bias on key chart pattern and positive seasonality.

4. South African Equities: Bearish bias, build conviction on a downside break.

5. Silver: Bullish, build conviction on breach of key levels.

About the Macro Technicals Report

The Weekly Macro Technicals report is a great way to access some of the most compelling technical setups across global markets and asset classes. Aside from the highest conviction set-ups you'll also find the most relevant markets from a global macro perspective. It's also a great way to stay on top of the key trends in global markets.

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