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Weekly Macro Themes - 13 Apr 2017

Here's a brief preview of the topics and charts covered in the latest Weekly Macro Themes report.

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1. Global tides: The synchronized global upturn remains in play, continue to hold a bullish bias to growth assets and bearish bias to bonds.

2. China cycles: The cyclical macroeconomic dynamics are compelling short-term in China, but the tailwinds are likely to fade heading into 2018.

3. ICI Asset Allocation: On mutual fund AUM-implied and survey based measures US individual asset allocations show a rising weight to equities - the charts show how it's different this time.

4. King EMDE: Emerging and Developing economies now account for the dominant share of global GDP, this will mean faster growth at a global level but also with more volatility and instability.

5. North Korea: The market has started to wake up to the rising probability of a military solution to denuclearisation of North Korea.

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