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VIDEO: Global growth outlook in question

The global manufacturing PMI has peaked, bond yields have rolled over, and growth looks to be more divergent lately, so the global growth outlook has been called into question. In this video we look at a few charts on the global growth outlook. The charts in the discussion are from a previous edition of the Weekly Macro Themes report which is being made available for free as a one-off download. The main takeaways from the video are that while global growth indicators have started to consolidate, several supports remain in place. Rising property prices in the major economies, improving consumer sentiment, the rebound in global trade, better corporate earnings and industrial production growth, and still supportive monetary policy are among the factors likely to underpin growth in the medium term. Thus while the concerns and risks flagged in the indicators are worth considering, the base case is a continuation of global growth, and upward bias to inflation and bond yields.

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