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2017 End of Year Special Edition

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: as a one-off holiday treat we are making the 2017 End of Year Special Edition of the Weekly Macro Themes report available as a free download. Thanks for your support this year and wishing you happy holidays and a tremendous 2018!

“The End of Year Special Edition takes a different format to the usual weekly ppt chartbook, and presents you with highlights, reflections, and some of the best charts of 2017. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!” -- Callum Thomas, Head of Research and founder of Topdown Charts

Report Introduction:

As we sign-off on 2017, it’s interesting to reflect (in hindsight) on how calm and relatively straightforward markets have been. Equities for the most part performed well, the global economy improved, and the Fed began QT without major incident. Inflation was benign, commodities range-bound, and much feared bond-yield-spikes hard to come by.

Looking forward, in my view the three key themes for 2018 will be: i. increasing incidence of overvaluation across asset classes; ii. a maturing business cycle; and iii. a turning of the tides in global monetary policy stimulus. This should make for a more challenging investment environment so keep the questions coming, and I’ll continue to focus on bringing you the charts that matter.

In the meantime, please enjoy this selection of charts which I meticulously selected from reviewing all 49 editions of the Weekly Macro Themes report from the year 2017. As an exercise in reflection it’s been rewarding and insightful, and I trust you will likewise get a lot out of this special edition. I look forward to catching up with you in the new year.

Report Contents:

A. Charts That Worked

B. Charts That Didn't Work

C. My Favorite Charts

D. Charts to Watch in 2018

E. Honorable Mentions

F. People's Choice Charts

G. Fun With Charts

About the Weekly Macro Themes report

The "Weekly Macro Themes" is our institutional offering aimed at multi-asset and macro-driven portfolio managers and strategists. The report takes a chart-driven macro, fundamental and multi-factor approach; a powerful combination of cross-asset idea generation for portfolio managers, charts on key global macro trends, analysis on portfolio risks, asset allocation research, and innovative indicators, in a format that delivers a balance of brevity and depth so that you can efficiently assimilate the insights. Also part of the service is the monthly Chartbook which contains the key charts and views across asset classes with a tactical/dynamic positioning model.

For more and deeper insights on global economics and asset allocation, and some more good charts you may want to subscribe to the Weekly Macro Themes. Click through for free look or a trial.

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