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5 Silly Charts for the Silly Season

As I said in the 2017 End of Year Special Edition of the Weekly Macro Themes report, no end-of-year-special would be complete without some silly charts for the silly season!

1. I don’t really use pie charts that much, but here’s one I always refer back to, especially during the festive season. (source)

2. As often is the case, time series charts require a certain degree of interpretation, and often times the conclusion is in the eye of the beholder… (source)

3. Christmas party conversations… (source)

4. Sometimes it seems like the “paranormal distribution” provides a more accurate statistical description of financial markets… (source)

5. My worst fear… (source)

For more and deeper insights on global economics and asset allocation, and some more good charts you may want to subscribe to the Weekly Macro Themes. Click through for free look or a trial.

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