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NEW: Global Cross Asset Market Monitor

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new report for clients: the Global Cross Asset Market Monitor. This report covers price developments across global markets and covers equities, credit, fixed income, currencies, and commodities. It serves as means to efficiently and visually digest what's going on across global markets.

The aim of this report is to be a key resource for clients and solve the problem of keeping on top of what's going on across the major markets, but without having to spend time finding all the charts and switching between websites and platforms.

It also serves as a fine complement to the Weekly Macro Themes report, which is more bespoke and focuses on specific investment ideas and holistic insights, and the Monthly Chartbook, which takes a longer term perspective and compiles the key macro and markets charts as well as a TAA guide.

Along with covering the key markets, we've also included several proprietary indicators which aid in gauging market conditions e.g. credit risk pricing, and our cutting edge global breadth monitors which help identify major changes in global markets early on.

Here's a sneak preview of the report:

The Global Cross Asset Market Monitor report is being made available to our existing clients at no extra charge, and will comprise a part of the service for new clients. The report will also available as a standalone offering - please get in touch for pricing.

To take a look at the report, if you are a professional fund manager or institutional investor please inquire about a trial for our full service institutional research offering.

If you have any questions please get in touch.


Callum Thomas

Head of Research

Topdown Charts Limited

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