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Weekly Macro Themes - 3 Aug 2018

Here's a brief preview of the topics and charts covered in the latest edition of the Weekly Macro Themes report.

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**In this week's edition I walk through a few ideas and themes I discussed with clients and investors on a recent trip.

1. USDCNY: The path of least resistance for the USDCNY is higher - find out why we think this.

2. US Dollar Index: The case for USD strength in H2 is compelling based on the charts and indicators we monitor as well as the key macro themes we've highlighted.

3. Emerging Markets: EM face elevated near-term macro downside risks based on a couple of key macro themes, our charts and indicators illustrate how this might playout.

4. Gold: Gold may not turn out to be the hedge you think it is if the charts we're watching are anything to go by.

5. Treasuries: The outlook for treasuries is slightly more nuanced depending on time frame, but the combination of valuation, cycle, monetary, sentiment, and technical indicators we watch make the outlook clear.

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About the Weekly Macro Themes report

The "Weekly Macro Themes" is our institutional offering aimed at multi-asset and macro-driven portfolio managers and strategists. The report takes a chart-driven macro, fundamental and multi-factor approach; a powerful combination of cross-asset idea generation for portfolio managers, charts on key global macro trends, analysis on portfolio risks, asset allocation research, and innovative indicators, in a format that delivers a balance of brevity and depth so that you can efficiently assimilate the insights. Also part of the service is the monthly Chartbook which contains the key charts and views across asset classes with a tactical/dynamic positioning model.

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