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VIDEO: Top 5 Charts of the Week

In this video we run through the free weekly email newsletter "The Top 5 Charts of the Week" and add a bit of extra comments and context. It's a useful tour across some of our latest work and thinking and just a great selection of global macro/market charts.

This week we look at the following charts and themes:

1. Global equities vs Global consumer sentiment (and the gap vs the global PMI).

2. US cyclicals vs defensives (vs emerging markets) - a key leading indicator to the stockmarket correction.

3. European and US bank CDS pricing - European bank CDS are trending up, and this is a key risk to monitor.

4. USDCNY outlook - all the fundamentals point to the USDCNY heading to 7 or higher.

5. Risks to the US dollar and Asian/EMFX (if the USDCNY does break the barrier).

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