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VIDEO: Top 5 Charts of the Week

In this video we run through the free weekly email newsletter "The Top 5 Charts of the Week" and add a bit of extra comments and context. It's a useful tour across some of our latest work and thinking and just a great selection of global macro/market charts.

This week we look at the following charts and themes:

1. China vs USA manufacturing PMIs - China's economy is losing momentum, US is as strong as ever.

2. China policy uncertainty index - a spike in policy uncertainty reflects cyclical softening, political risks, structural challenges and perhaps the prospects of stimulus.

3. Global trade volumes - we saw a new high in global container throughput in October (first new high since Jan).

4. Asian FX index - rebounding for a third time of a critical support level, very important development for Asia & EM.

5. The reflation trade positioning indicator - big capitulation, and reflections on 2017 vs 2018.

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