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2019 People's Choice Charts

We recently published the 2019 End of Year Special Edition of the Weekly Macro Themes report - a summary of some of our best, worst, and most notable charts of 2019 (and the ones to watch in 2020).

Already on the blog I've covered the "Charts That Worked" and the "Charts That Didn't Work" as well as my favorite charts of 2019 and the "Honorable Mentions".

In this post I defer to our followers on Twitter (@topdowncharts) for the most popular charts based on views and engagement. These charts are not updated to the latest in contrast to those in the previous posts (helps explain why folk were so interested in them at the time).

Enjoy and be sure to follow us on Twitter

1. Manufacturing PMIs -- USA vs the Rest of the World: “So, I guess now we have the answer as to whether the US can go it alone...”

US vs RoW PMIs

2. This one rattled some cages, it was close to the bottom in yields when I tweeted it out, and on my personal account I quote-tweeted “Bonds are overvalued.” – the amount of abuse and pushback I received (in hindsight) was really informative. It’s not the first time I’ve received really important sentiment type information from Twitter, indeed with the following I have I can usually get a fairly good feel for where the market is positioned.

bond yields fair value chart

3. There wasn’t actually that much controversy around this one, but about a couple of weeks after I put it out the Copper/Gold ratio actually bottomed along with bond yields.

copper/gold ratio

4. “Global Equities: The New Bull Market”. As noted in section D, it looks like a new cyclical bull market is underway. Folk liked this idea.

global equities market breadth

5. EM vs DM: “Useful visual for when people ask about the difference between developed vs emerging markets”. Quite an interesting chart which makes use of my composite country governance ranking indicators.

EM vs DM differences

Thanks for your interest, please get in contact if you have any questions.

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