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VIDEO: Market Cycle Guidebook

In this video I take you through our monthly Market Cycle Guidebook report.

The monthly Market Cycle Guidebook is designed to be a key resource for global multi-asset investors. It focuses on illuminating the key drivers of risk and return across a global multi-asset universe, with the intention of generating actionable conclusions and meaningful insights for medium-term active asset allocation decisions.

In the video I talk through the key segments and features of the report, specifically:

-The front page snapshot of the global economy, monetary policy, and valuations

-The month in review section (it's purpose and timing)

-The asset allocation "cheat sheet" (views across the major asset classes)

-Tactical Asset Allocation guide

-Pages and pages of charts

-Capital market assumptions

Let me know what you think in the YouTube video comments section, I'd love to hear your take and indeed your feedback on both the video, charts, and conclusions.

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