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Making Sense of Macro in Multi-Asset Investing

In this video I take you through a presentation called Making Sense of Macro (when nothing seems to make sense). It provides a good overview of some of the key issues on the global macroeconomic outlook and implications for multi-asset investing.

The presentation was originally delivered over webinar in conjunction with Refinitiv, and much of the content is extracted from our new Quarterly Strategy Pack.

In the video I talk through the global macro/market outlook, specifically:

-Start with some context by explaining my research process/framework

-Talk through core views around the short vs medium term macro view

-Emerging risks and opportunities as the data could easily deceive

-Where to look for green shoots, and the status thereof

-Implications for global equities positioning

-Asset allocation views i.e. bonds vs equities, and "what you would have to believe..."

Let me know what you think in the YouTube video comments section, I'd love to hear your take and indeed your feedback on both the video, charts, and conclusions.

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