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Quarterly Strategy Pack - Q3 2021

The Q3 edition of our Quarterly Strategy Pack was sent to clients last week

The Quarterly Strategy Pack:

-Presents our major themes and outlook

-Includes concrete views on asset class positioning

-Serves as a basis for discussion (I would have brought something similar to this with me on marketing trips/client visits in the pre-corona world)

​​This week I will be hosting webinars/calls with clients where I go through the slides and talk through the highlights, add some extra comments/context/explanation, and address some specific client questions about the pack and about markets/macro in general (scheduled for Tuesday 4pm New York Time, and Tuesday 10am London Time - but recordings will be available, although n.b. the Q&A sessions will not be recorded).

​​The Quarterly Strategy Pack was one of several upgrades and enhancements to the service last year, e.g. the Monthly Chartbook was revamped and rebranded to the monthly Market Cycle Guidebook, and the Global Cross Asset Market Monitor now also features a global cross asset sentiment chart pack and extra commentary on sentiment and technicals (as a weekly markets kick-start and market intel pack).

I still have a few other things on the agenda too, so be sure to get set up for a trial now so you can follow more closely.

In terms of what was covered in the Q3 2021 Quarterly Strategy Pack:


--Yesterday's tailwinds (the evolution of policy stimulus through the cycle)

--Consumer from careful to cheerful (quarantined cash, pent-up demand)

--Capex comeback (after years of underinvestment it's time to build stuff)

--Medium-term Inflation Outlook (don't get hung up on the short-term)

--Fiscal policy outlook (and trends in corporate tax rates)

--Risks Remain (the risk radar is back by popular demand)


--Growth vs Defense: recommendation and sign-posts for next steps

--Bond Yield Outlook: where to from here and major risks to markets

--Global Equities: it's time to fade passive - take a more nuanced approach

--Commodities vs USD: reconciling the short-term vs longer term dynamics

--Some specific ideas (EMFX, EM Equities, EM ex-Asia, Defensive Value)

Also included is a summary of views across the major asset classes and TAA positioning guide, and a look at changes in expected returns vs the previous quarter.

So get set up for a trial today and I will forward this and some other recent reports through.

If you have any questions or requests, just get in contact.

To request a copy of the full report, subscribe, or take up a free trial, please fill in the form here.

About the Service:

Our institutional service caters to multi-asset portfolio managers and investment professionals. The service comprises a set of reports (2 weekly, 1 monthly, 1 quarterly) and personalized service to help make the portfolio managers' job easier. With the service we deliver a flow of investment ideas, risk management input, and meaningful macro insights. Our Head of Research and founder spent his career on the buy-side, and our reports reflect that perspective with a clear "so what?" focus rather than research for research sake. The reports are punchy and chart/fact focused, and are easy to read both in terms of speed and understanding: so clients often end up saving time and getting better insights. So if you're looking for a dedicated and specialist service to help you deliver excellent returns for your clients, give us a try.

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