Weekly S&P500 ChartStorm - 21 November 2021

The S&P500 ChartStorm is a selection of 10 charts which I hand pick from around the web and post on Twitter.

The purpose of this post is to add extra color and commentary around the charts.

The charts focus on the S&P500 (US equities); and the various forces and factors that influence the outlook - with the aim of bringing insight and perspective.

Hope you enjoy!

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1. S&P 500 Seasonality Chart: It’s everyone’s favorite chart updated again (maybe for the last time this year?). The S&P500 has been sticking to the seasonality script through most of this year… makes me think about Murphy’s Law tho - maybe the market will start to improvise and go off-script? Either way, the next few weeks seasonally look like sideways action.

chart of US stockmarket seasonality

Source: @topdowncharts

2. Volatility Seasonality: A twist on the previous chart — same concept, but this time with implied volatility. I find it interesting to note that the VIX has actually been a bit lower than usual for this time of the year (and trending up short-term…). One last VIX spike before year-end?

chart of stockmarket volatility VIX  seasonality

Source: @topdowncharts

3. Stockmarket Statistics: What happens after the market goes up a “crazy overheated” 20%+ over the course of a year?

More Gains.

Historically most of the time if the market closed up 20%+ for the year, the next year was also positive (84% of the time). As of writing, the market is up some 27% YTD (albeit, this year ain't over yet!).

table of stockmarket statistics 20% year

Source: @RyanDetrick

4. Bad Breadth? Fully 1/3rd of stocks are in a downtrend.

(defined as trading below their respective 200dma)

Will this bearish divergence be a problem?