Weekly S&P500 ChartStorm - 31 October 2021

The S&P500 ChartStorm is a selection of 10 charts which I hand pick from around the web and post on Twitter.

The purpose of this post is to add extra color and commentary around the charts.

The charts focus on the S&P500 (US equities); and the various forces and factors that influence the outlook - with the aim of bringing insight and perspective.

Hope you enjoy!

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1. Happy New Month! The S&P 500 notched up a very respectable 6.9% for the month of October. The chart below shows the monthly progression - n.b. click here for the log chart version (for the log chart enjoyers). Pretty much the reverse of September as seasonality and sentiment shifted.

monthly chart of SPX

Source: @topdowncharts

2. Asset Class Returns in October: Among the assets I keep track of (these are the ones I run Capital Market Assumptions for), the S&P500 [US Large Caps] was a close second from the top in October. Overall it was a very risk-on month: equities and commodities did well, and just about all flavors of fixed income took a step back as government bond yields surged globally. EM local currency bonds took a double whammy from rising yields and softer EMFX.

chart of asset performance October 2021

Source: Monthly Asset Class Returns update

3. November is Here: Regular readers will note that seasonality has been a running topic lately (especially given that it helped flag the September stumble and subsequent rebound). Since we’re just about into November, I thought this chart would be worth highlighting - it shows that historically November has been one of the best months of the year. But then again, one could ask the question: how many of those Novembers featured the Fed announcing taper?! (n.b. the FOMC meets this coming week!).

chart of monthly seasonality - November 2021

Source: @RyanDetrick

4. Seasonal Fund Flows: A logical flow-on - as you might expect: November has historically been one of the strongest months in terms of inflows into equity funds.