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Weekly Macro Themes - 17 Mar 2017

Here's a brief preview of the topics and charts covered in the latest Weekly Macro Themes report.

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1. Fed hikes as expected - why and what next: Our view is it's better to watch the charts than watch what the Fed says, and we show you some particularly important charts on that front.

2. Second hike so-what: We look at the impact that a *second rate hike* has on markets historically (and we explain why it should be viewed as a second hike, not a third hike from an analytical perspective), we also look at the interaction of rates and the outlook for the S&P500.

3. China investment rebound: The rebound in investment growth in China is a major global macro theme, so you need to read this segment and see what key charts that make the conclusion immediately clear.

4. Japan - same game? Japanese equities always seem to be just a play on the USDJPY, we show why that might be a bad thing, but also highlight some little known trends in long-term GDP growth in Japan that could quickly change the game for stocks and bonds in Japan.

5. Luck slowly returning to Ireland: A St Patrick's Day special look at Ireland's economy and stockmarket, we look at the outlook for the MSCI Ireland index and also throw in an interesting St Paddy's day bonus chart!

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