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Weekly Macro Themes - 7 Apr 2017

Here's a brief preview of the topics and charts covered in the latest Weekly Macro Themes report.

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1. Inflation expectations vs reality: The pause in inflation expectations reflect rising doubts about the return of inflation, but don't count it out yet. The charts in the report show how inflation might come back faster than you think...

2. How's the noise? We look at our "Economic Noise Indexes" to draw out some insights on the macro and risk backdrop in Europe, USA, and emerging markets.

3. India: The cyclical outlook is positive in India following a sharp rebound from demonetisation, likewise the medium-long term view is positive (reforms); valuation will become more of an issue as Indian equities make new all time highs.

4. Institutional investor confidence: We look at the surprising trends in how institutional investors are managing their equity exposure - there's 2 possible outcomes of these trends.

5. NYSE margin debt: Don't jump at the shadows of margin debt, the warning signals from the acceleration/deceleration tracker are not lighting up at this point. See the report for details of the indicator and the key charts (plus a few bonus stock market leverage tracking charts).

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