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Weekly Macro Themes - 28 Apr 2017

Here's a brief preview of the topics and charts covered in the latest Weekly Macro Themes report.

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1. Developments in global trade: The charts show a very interesting and even somewhat surprising surge in global trade growth is thanks to rebounding emerging markets.

2. Gold - not all that glitters: These charts show why the bear market in gold that began 5 years ago is more likely than not to continue as the fundamentals and technical indicators line up.

3. High Yield Credit: HY credit spreads are at rock bottom meanwhile the graphs and indicators in this report show the risk of rising rates, rising yields, a nascent tightening of lending standards and a (possibly temporary) rise in NPLs

4. US REITs: According to our indicators REIT dividend yields are around historical lows but offer relative value and see support from rising commercial property prices and favorable economic conditions. It's important to understand the key risk dynamics - as discussed in the report.

5. Against the grain: The charts in this segment show a scenario that has occurred a number of times before, and when you see where the indicators are the outlook will seem pretty clear!

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About the Weekly Macro Themes report

The "Weekly Macro Themes" is our institutional offering and takes a chart-driven macro, fundamental and multi-factor approach; a powerful combination of cross-asset idea generation for portfolio managers, charts on key global macro trends, analysis on portfolio risks, asset allocation research, and innovative indicators, in a format that delivers a balance of brevity and depth so that you can efficiently assimilate the insights.

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