VIDEO: Monetary Policy and Asset Allocation

In this video we talk through the global monetary policy outlook and how it ties in with asset allocation. Monetary policy has been a major force, perhaps more than ever, over the past decade in driving asset prices across markets and regions, so it's a key topic for active asset allocators to be across.

The presentation covers 3 main themes or topics:

1. The Global Growth and Inflation Outlook: such as synchronized strength across developed economies, tightening capacity utilization, and an expected increase in inflation.

2. What to Expect from Central Banks: such as the turning of the tides globally for quantitative easing, and the transition from rate cuts to rate hikes at a global aggregate level.

3. Risks and Opportunities across the major asset classes: such as the medium term outlook for gold and bond yields, and investing in global equities during the later stages of a business cycle.

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