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VIDEO: Top 5 Charts of the Week

In this video we run through the free weekly email newsletter "The Top 5 Charts of the Week" and add a bit of extra comments and context. It's a useful tour across some of our latest work and thinking and just a great selection of global macro/market charts.

This week we look at the following charts and themes:

1. An alternative measure of volatility - the rolling 12-month count of moves exceeding 1% is on the rise

2. Global equity implied volatility - we have seen a cyclical bottom in volatility, welcome to higher volatility

3. Credit risk vs equity risk pricing - it also looks like we have seen a cycle low in credit spreads

4. The business cycle and volatility regimes - basically we are witnessing a volatility regime shift

5. China's bear market vs policy and politics - where to find upside catalysts for China A-shares

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