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Top 5 Charts: Fed, Margin Debt, Gold, and ETF Assets

The "Top 5 Charts Of The Week" report is our entry-level service. It's a great way to sample what we're doing with the institutional research offering while gaining a solid flow of ideas and insights.

The following charts and topics were featured in the latest report:

1. Fed Balance Sheet: A couple of important things to think about with the Fed next week. 2. Margin Debt Acceleration Indicator: We look at this bear market warning indicator, and for a few reasons I think it is currently giving us a false signal. 3. Gold (and US dollar) Futures Positioning: Gold has broken out, and this unique indicator shows why/how this may be just the start of something big. 4. ETF Market Implied Asset Allocation -- Russia & Mexico: A surprising chart on investor portfolio allocations to these two countries. 5. ETF Assets -- The Search for Yield: We document the astounding and relentless search for yield in one chart.

Sign up now and I will forward the latest report through.

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