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Weekly Macro Themes - 3 Mar 2017

Here's a brief preview of the topics and charts covered in the latest Weekly Macro Themes.

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1. Open the gates for the Fed rate hike: You've heard the various Fed officials speak, but here's the key charts you need to be watching to understand what the Fed will do next.

2. Fed rate-hike so-what: As a March rate hike now looks like a near certainty it's worth thinking about some of the key market impacts and the indicators which provide an insight into some of the potential risks and opportunities it will expose.

3. All credit to the spread: Credit spreads have narrowed at an incredible pace, here's 4 charts that will make it clear how to think about your asset allocation to high yield credit as an asset class.

4. Lofty heights - US PE ratios: PE ratios are high but so what? These 3 charts may change the way you think about high PE ratios and how to run your equity/beta exposure.

5. On narratives and trends - inflation vs deflation: The world was obsessed with deflation not long ago, and now it seems we're obsessed with reflation - what's next and how do these particularly unique charts provide insight into the global trends in inflation and market psychology?

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